Istanbul Medeniyet University Department of Psychology was established in 2012. Our department has two main aims. The first of these is to educate undergraduate students who have acquired basic knowledge in all areas of psychology, including clinical, developmental, social, cognitive, neuropsychology, statistics and industry. The second one is to educate scientists and specialist psychologists in subfields of psychology through graduate and doctorate programs to be opened.

Students in the psychology department will be educated according to the "scientist-practitioner" model. In other words, it is aimed that our students gain the skills to be both academics and practitioners. In this way, our graduates from the Department of Psychology will have the knowledge and skills to conduct research at an international level and to work effectively in applied fields.

In addition to knowledge and practice skills, critical and sophisticated thinking ability, innovative perspective, interactive communication skills, expressing ideas and research in scientific environments through writing and presentations, effective teamwork, high ethical value understanding enable are among the values that we aim for our students studying in our undergraduate and graduate programs to win.